The Story Behind Seagull Adhesives

Seagull's journey navigating through hardships and becoming an established business is one for the books.

image inside the factory

Our Journey, Till Now

The Beginning

Seagull was founded as the dream of a young man in his twenties trying to crack the code to the perfect adhesive. After completing his Undergraduate Studies in Chemistry, Rakesh Sharma (MD, Seagull) moved onto establish his business in the developing side of Noida. He was also pursuing other odd jobs to generate revenue for his dream venture.
From being a door salesman in the streets of Delhi, his hard work and his families trust in him is what got him to where he is today.
This is how Seagull Industrial Adhesives Pvt. Ltd started.

Us, Today

Seagull word signifies the Sea Bird and it personifies the company having eye view of the Seas of chemical world.
It is as pristine as the water of ocean as it has succesfully retained it's core philosophy of providing Value For Money. It's strength lies in it's ethical business and customer orientation policies.
The vertical growth of the company in the past few years has firmed its belief in providing ultimate customer satisfaction as it's bedrock. Recent introduction of advanced state of the art equipment and technological changes that has come about in the application machinery and gadgetry has made the task of the company enormous as it has squarly increased it's production capacity to mulitple folds to feed thousand of tonnes of existing demand.

Our Journey, Moving Forward

DSS, Operation Research techniques are succeffuly coupled with consumer behaviour to gain inroads into the specific markets.
The recent foarys into the international markets has given the tremendous exposure to the company and the endeavours are in place to keep abreast of contemporary international developments. The company is modeled upon the SBU having integrated profit entres.

Such system has entailed a cost effective mechanism to breathe a new life with the latest burden of overheads which helped us to conquer the demonical waves of recent market sluggishness. Our stringent test guidelines oriented towards ultimate customers' satisfaction definitely streamlined our R&D efforts. This has not only refurbished our image but also instilled a rocksolid confidence in our products.